Reasons I Adore the KJV #1: Musicality of the words

There are so many reasons I adore the KJV, but one of my absolute favorites is the musicality of the words.

One of the things I noticed shortly after I began reading the King James Bible was the rhythm and cadence of the words. The melodic, sing-song quality of the words and the word order was different than any other version of the Bible I had read!

In fact, it was unique because it was more lyrical — more musical — than anything I’d ever read before.

I began to notice this musicality especially when I started listening to the KJV read out loud on the YouVersion app.

He speaks comfortably

What’s interesting is my teenage son even noticed this comforting, rhythmic quality of the words! After just a few days of listening to the KJV during our 20-minute drive to his piano lessons, he began to comment on it. 

“Mom, every time we listen to this Bible out loud, I feel so relaxed!” 

“It’s almost like listening to music.”

“This Bible is so comfortable and calming — I could almost fall asleep listening!”

I began to feel exactly the same way after a particularly difficult bout with migraines. Holed up in my dark room for three days, I couldn’t read my Bible or even open my eyes for any reason at all.

So instead of reading, I listened. I listened to the King James Bible read out loud for hours on end. 

Not only did the soothing sound not bother my head, I even fell asleep to it. (And that is saying a lot, since most noises make migraines worse for me!)

What a joy it was, even in the midst of pain, to be comforted by God’s words read out loud.

KJV Musicality of the words inherent in the text

At first my son and I attributed the comfortable, calming effect to the strong and sure voice of the gentleman who was reading. Or maybe, I wondered, was it just that captivating British accent?

But then, as I read, I learned more about how the word order of the KJV contributes to its cadence and meter. And I realized that this musical, lyrical quality was inherent to the King James Bible. 

The way the accents are placed and words are ordered actually draws attention to certain words. And the rise and fall of the words can speed up or slow down how we read them, creating a certain mood depending on where or how God wants to draw our attention.

This delightful rhythm and musicality of the words in the KJV was designed by God himselffor our benefit!  

Oh, friends, we worship a beautiful Saviour who joys over us with singing! So we should expect nothing less than beautiful, melodic words when he speaks to us in his Word as well. 

“I, even I, am he that comforteth you….”

—Isaiah 51:12

And just like a mother soothes her child with her words, so does God comfort us with his.

“As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you…”

—Isaiah 66:13

“My sheep know my voice”

Not only does God speak comfortably, he speaks in a way that sets him apart from all other authors. The unique lilt and cadence of the King James Bible make it immediately recognizable, and therefore much more difficult to counterfeit.

In fact, God’s unique way of speaking is one of the ways we can recognize his voice. We don’t need a Bible that sounds like the evening news — we need a Bible that is set apart from it.

I believe God wants us to take notice when he talks. And to know that’s it’s our Saviour talking. That’s why it usually only takes listening to a verse or two from the King James Bible for me to recognize that I’m hearing God’s true words, not man’s paraphrase.

Remember what Jesus said?

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

—John 10:27

The lilting rhythm, the rise and fall of the voice, the musicality of the words in both the poetry and prose of the KJV — each syllable has been perfectly placed by God himself for our benefit and blessing! 

KJV Musicality of the Words

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  1. Tracy K says:

    I agree, it is so amazingly written via God as it’s author! You know I do the KJV Scripture Pics and my husband noticed that the verses seem to divide into two thoughts. I place part of it above my photo and part of it below and it always seems to work out perfectly. I adore the KJV too! God bless you, Michele! Keep sharing God’s wonderful matchless Word!

    • Michele Blake says:

      Tracy, I LOVE your KJV Scripture Pics! It’s been such a joy getting to know you a little bit through our messages. 🙂 God bless you too. Your faithfulness is so encouraging!

  2. Tracy K says:

    The 1611th mention of LORD; and why it’s a really big deal

    I listened to the above video and really enjoyed it! More reasons of why the KJV is the preserved Word of God.

    • Michele Blake says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this! I am listening to it as we speak! Have you read his book, Sealed by the King?

      • Tracy K says:

        You’re so welcome! We ordered his book and my husband has read it. He was the one who ordered it. I need to borrow it from him soon and read it too. 😊

        • Michele Blake says:

          It will amaze and astound you! It takes a while to get through because you’ll want to stop and process everything! It’s amazing that we can live in this day and age where God is allowing us to see this order that not even the translators knew of when they were translating!

          • Tracy K says:

            I think that it will amaze me. Just the videos have already and for years I’ve loved the KJV. Thankfully that is the Bible I read from the beginning and I never liked any other. Nice that you have read his book too!



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